AYR ice rink has been plunged into a crisis due to coronavirus restrictions with clubs frozen out until at least NEXT winter.

All three clubs who use the facility have been left devastated as the ice melts with an uncertain future lying ahead.

Ayr Advertiser:

Owners Ayrshire Curling, PLC took the decision to switch the power off as South Ayrshire entered Level 4.

At Level 3 the facility was still in action with just Ayr Bruins Ice Hockey, Ayr Figure Skating Club and Kyle Figure Skating Club.

But curling won’t be able to re-commence until Level 2, making the prospects of the season, which runs from October throughout the winter months, looking bleak.

Ayr Advertiser:

Ayr Curling Director Andrew Kerr says they had no choice as costs could go up to £900 per day. He says all three clubs who use the facility have to be in action for them to break-even.

He told the Advertiser: “This has been far the most difficult year. Things were looking promising after we were shut down in March, it took between three and four weeks to get the ice back on and a huge amount of energy costs were included in that, but things were looking promising.

“At Level 4 we had to shut down completely, even at Level 3 whilst we had the skating going we had to shut down completely, it was costing money, the income didn’t go anywhere near what was required. If we kept it going, we’d have run out of money completely by Easter.”

Ayr Advertiser:

This week, crunch talks will be held with the other clubs to work out how to move forward with fundraising likely to be the only option.

Andrew added: “It would be an absolute disaster to lose the ice rink in Ayr, we want to work with them to see us through to being up and running again.”

Steven Alcroft of Ayr Figure Skating Club said: “Like the curlers, all the users are concerned for the future of the rink and have requested to attend any meeting planned to discuss the future. As yet we have received no response to this request.”

Gillian Otterson, Kyle figure skating coach said: “We have given hundreds of kids a much needed boost to their mental and physical well-being over the past few months. The effect of the rink closing its doors has had a huge impact on them, which is completely heartbreaking.”