AN AYR music venue which opened this year is at risk of permanent closure.

Venue 38, which took over the popular Madison’s nightclub, is in imminent danger after they were refused government funding available to other venues because they had only been trading for six weeks.

Ayr Advertiser:

The Carrick Street nightspot had relaunched at the start of the year with a new vision before coronavirus hit.

Now owner James Bunten, 55, fears his brand new multi-purpose venue for gigs will not last till next year.

Desperate for funds, James and his partner Tracy Anne McGregor have joined in The Music Venue Trust’s ‘Traffic Light’ campaign and are one of 30 clubs in the red.

James told the Advertiser: “We’re in the red. We only got £25,000 at the very beginning that was away back in April from council funding, since then we’ve had nothing.”

Ayr Advertiser:

James has been left unable to open in any capacity whilst other have been trading for drinks or food.

He estimates that over the course of this year the business has lost £400,000 in revenue.

James said: “We have spent a fortune on this place trying to get it ready, including £8,000 to stop roof leaks.

“If we don’t open till March that will be a full year that ourselves and all live music venues have been closed, it’s infuriating.”

MVT’s CEO Mark Davyd said: “Get donating, get writing, get calling, get organised. Save them all. Reopen Every Venue Safely.”

You can donate to help out Venue 38 here: