A SELFLESS nine-year-old girl is on a mission to make sure children less fortunate still wake up with presents on Christmas.

Lily Simpson-Brown inspired others around her after she donated £20 of her own pocket money to help buy gifts for Ayrshire families who are struggling.

The St Ninian’s Primary pupil set up an online fundraiser and was backed with donations of hundreds of pounds for presents to go to Women’s Aid.

Last week, she used the money to head to the shops with her mum Nicola Brown to buy trollies full of goodies to take to back to the charity.

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Nicola told the Advertiser: “Lily has always been very thoughtful. One night I was explaining to her how we are very fortunate and that a lot of people have lost their jobs during the pandemic.

“When I told her that some children wake up on Christmas morning without anything, she got very upset by it.

Lily, who is an amazing big sister to her one-year-old brother Noah-Jack, decided to use her pocket money to start her own fundraiser.

Nicola added: “She decided to put her pocket money in which she had been saving, and I suggested to get up a Go Fund Me page.

“It was all her idea – she was thinking of her little brother and how it would be if he woke up on Christmas with nothing.

“She’s amazing, she is honestly amazing. She changes his nappies and baths him, she helps out so much around the house.”

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Nicola, 31, is the complex manager at Sundrum Castle Holiday Park. Lily’s dad, her fiancé Scott Simpson, 28, works as the head chef.

The proud mum said she was amazed by the response to the online fundraiser which included donations from Lily’s school teachers and Nicola’s gym ,All Warriors, who support Woman’s Aid.

On Saturday, November 14, Nicola took Lily to B&M stores in Ayr to pick up presents.

She said: “Lily picked most of the gifts, she put a lot of thought into it. We have stuff from six months old right up to stuff for the mums, little bath sets, perfume sets and things like that.

“She picked up loads of art sets, hot wheels car sets and stuff for little babies too.”

The presents will be donated to Women’s Aid in Ayr who will then take charge of organising the gifts into categories.

Ayr Advertiser:

Nicola added: “We were shocked by how many families they look after, how many people need their help.

“Lily has always looked out for other people, she knows how fortunate she is

“We are just extremely proud of her, for her age to be involved in this and help other people in just amazing”

You can help Lily buy more gifts by clicking here.