DANGEROUS barbed wire has been removed from a popular walking spot after a dog suffered a nasty cut.

The Ayr Advertiser told last week how Labrador Izzy was left with a huge gash right to her muscle after becoming caught in a sharp section of fencing at Fullarton Woods in Troon.

Owner Elizabeth Shaw was “in a panic” after what was a patch of mud turned out to be a cut right along her pets back.

Izzy was given stitches during emergency surgery at the vets in Troon on Wednesday, October 29.

Ayr Advertiser:

The 23-year-old student contacted South Ayrshire Council after she returned to the scene the following day and found a “low lying” piece of barbed wire that was stuck onto a tree.

This week she received a response from council teams who had inspected the site.

The council confirmed to Elizabeth that a section of barbed wire had encroached onto Fullarton Woods at the bridle track next to the main road.

A new section of fence had been erected by a farmer which had left old wire lying on the side.

Ayr Advertiser:

The response reads: “It appears that the farmer has erected a new section of fence and may have inadvertently left the old wire on our side, however the hazard has now been removed.”

A council spokesperson said: “When we were made aware of the issue, we acted quickly and removed the discarded barbed wire.”

Izzy continues to recover at home as her wound heals.

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