New video footage and photographs have been released of what remains inside the now dilapidated and scaffold-clad Ayr Station Hotel building.

The hotel, which was opened in 1866 and only closed to customers in 2014, is in a state of disrepair. The video is included at the bottom of this article.

Much of the former decadence of the building is still clearly visible, but amongst that is crumbling ceilings and walls.

Ayr Advertiser: Ceiling plaster litters the floor.Ceiling plaster litters the floor.

In some of the photos, wine glasses and champagne flutes can be seen still in place on tables adorned with aroma diffusers that must have long-since stopped perfuming the air.

Ayr Advertiser: The rooms were still full of beds and everything else you'd expect.The rooms were still full of beds and everything else you'd expect.

South Ayrshire Council served a dangerous building notice on the hotel in 2018, but repairs were not made by the Malaysian owner, Eng Huat Ung.

In response the council constructed an exclusion zone to protect people from the “significant and immediate dangers” caused by the condition of the building and have since taken steps to repair parts of the building.

The future of the hotel is up in the air, with the public recently being consulted on proposals for the historic building in September of this year.

The teenage explorers, Reece and Alistair, call themselves Urbandoned and they have a history of entering abandoned urban structures and recording what they find inside. They photograph what they find and upload videos to their YouTube channel.

They said: "We find that every building has a story to its current abandoned state and we think it is interesting to give it the recognition it deserves through our videos."

Ayr Advertiser: The bar remains intact, but for how long?The bar remains intact, but for how long?