Police Scotland are considering moving officers out of their rundown Ayr station in King Street, it is understood.

A source said bosses are thinking about  renting a South Ayrshire Council office in the town, with Newton House as one of the options.

The Green Street Lane property in  Newton-on-Ayr  lies less than a mile away from King Street. 

A source said: “I think it would work well as there is parking available.”

Repairing the town’s police station could cost millions of pounds – and its poor condition was discussed at a Scottish Parliament committee last year. 

Police Chief Inspector Brian Anderson said all options are being looked at with no concrete plans decided yet. 

The South Ayrshire Area Commander said: “The police station on King Street, Ayr, has served us well but now requires modernisation and upgrade. 

 “We are currently reviewing all of the available options to ensure we can maintain a visible, accessible and responsive service which keeps people safe. There are no formal plans regarding any new location, including Newton House.

 “Any future plans will be subject to the approval of the Scottish Police Authority.”

Last year Calum Steele, general secretary of the Scottish Police Federation, told a Holyrood meeting: “The Ayr office was probably carved out of asbestos – that is the general belief, given the amount of asbestos in the building.”

A council spokesman told the Advertiser: “There are no formal plans approved or in place for the police to move into part of Newton House.”