A LUXURY Ayrshire resort will close to guests during January as it faces financial difficulty.

Trump Turnberry took advantage of UK Government funding to put staff on furlough, but over 80 members of the resort’s 305 staff members were made redundant.

The hotel’s owner, Donald Trump, has also lost his job as president of the United States of America, after rival Joe Biden secured the necessary 270 votes in the Electoral College to win.

An experienced member of staff, recently made redundant from the hotel, told the Advertiser that the place ‘is on its last legs’.

The worker said: “From next week they’re only open four days, and they’re closing for the whole of January pretty much, think a lot of February, if I’m right.”

The hotel’s website shows January as unavailable for bookings, causing some to speculate that Mr Trump might visit his Ayrshire resort having lost the election.

However, a source inside Turnberry said staff would not be told 'until the very last minute'.

Anthony Scaramucci, a former White House communications director, claimed the Turnberry Hotel owner had his private jet ready to go if things did not go his way in the 2016 race.

With Mr Trump vowing to challenge the election in the courts and making baseless claims of voter fraud, it is possible he could have similar Ayrshire escape plans.

Speaking with The New Yorker, Mr Scaramucci said the president told him directly in 2016 that his jet was waiting at JFK Airport in New York prepared for take-off. The plane would whisk him away to Prestwick so he could play on his golf course at Turnberry.

General Secretary of RMT, the union, Mick Cash said: “Now that Donald Trump has been rejected by the voters and has lost his job as the President of the USA it will give him time to concentrate on stopping the attacks on his Turnberry workforce‎ who have been put through the ringer over the past few months.”

A spokesperson for Trump Hotels said: "With current government mandated regulations in the United Kingdom, such as limited international travel, a total ban on alcohol sales, reduced hours of operation and restricted food and beverage capacity - in addition to the seasonality of Turnberry as a golf resort - we will be decreasing the days of operation throughout the winter.

"This is not uncommon for golf and leisure properties and will only take place during the off peak months."