A SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD make-up artist has caught the eye of Scotland’s most prestigious make-up colleges with her unique looks transforming Disney princesses Hallowe’en style.

Jodi Hainey, from Troon, has won a competition which saw hundreds of entries from other aspiring make-up artists.

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The self-taught teen has been producing inspiring looks from her home set up, which is packed full of a wide array of make-up she has been collecting for years.

The Marr College pupil, who is in sixth year at the school, has recently set up shop in the town’s Essence of Beauty – but has been impacted by the coronavirus restrictions in place.

However, when Hallowe’en came round Jodi was determined to continue her incredible work.

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And with dreams to one day study at Glam Candy a top Scots make-up school she entered their competition.

Jodie told the Advertiser: “I would love to leave school and get into Glam Candy, they are make-up college with places all over Scotland.

“I have been doing make-up for around a year and a half, I just love it. I can spend hours doing a look but it only feels like 10 minutes have passed.

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“I really love the special effects, SFX make-up. I’d love to get a job doing something like that for theatre or TV.”

Jodie has showcased her amazing ability with a unique twist on Disney favourites.

In the build up to Hallowe’en, she showcased her looks to her huge following on Instagram.

She took popular ice queen Elsa from the film Frozen and froze her from inside out in a chilling look.

Belle from Beauty in the Beast can be seen with claw marks across her chest, and the evil sea witch from the Little Mermaid Ursula made sure princess Ariel would never sing again by stitching her mouth shut.

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But it was one look of Cinderella that gathered pace and last week made it to the top three.

It shows Jodie done up as the classic princess but with a special effect showing Cinderella’s iconic glass slipper through her face, as she trips and falls in an alternative gory ending to the tale.

Jodi said: “I absolutely love Disney and I thought of the idea to retell some of the well-known stories with a not so happy ending.

“It’s been brilliant fun to do, and I am just so thrilled that it was recognised by Glam Candy.

“I just want to get noticed and hopefully that will help me get a place at their college.”

Jodi hopes the looks have given people some Hallowe’en entertainment during an already frightening year.

Her creations have also been backed by her school pals and teachers.

One art teacher told her she now has her own following of first years inspired by her work.

She added: “My school

have been amazing; they have been sharing my pictures on social media and have

been really supportive.

“I have taken a lot of art subjects this year to help me get into a make-up course after college, I have also done photography.”