TWO Troon lads have created their own golf ball empire after they tee’d off their business during lockdown.

Campbell Mathieson and Andrew Bogle, both 22, started ‘Ayrshire Discount Golf Balls’ after Andrew stumbled across a huge haul of thousands of golf balls collected by his late grandad over 40 years.

Since launching in July they have sold more than 15,200 balls - with 10 per cent of the profits going to help respite charity Whiteleys Retreat.

Campbell told the Advertiser: “In the summer, we were playing a lot of golf. We were talking about going to the driving range but it’s expensive to get the golf balls, so we were talking and then Andy says ‘I have 10,000 in my garage.”

The duo carried out a bleach water clean on each ball were amazed to find an incredible selection of 300 vintage balls from a bygone era.

Within 12 days, they had an online Facebook shop set up to sell the range, with the most sought after top of the range golf balls on offer.

Campbell said: “We developed a system to clean and sort the balls into different brands.

“We have always been into golf so it didn’t take long to come up with prices that sell.”

Campbell and Andrew have been boosted with donations but are also able to pay collectors, with a retirement man from Ayr bringing in 1,000 a week, and a five-year-old and 10-year-old also going out collecting golf balls when their dad plays local courses.

Campbell added: “Anyone can get involved. It could be a chance to earn some extra cash.

“We can also offer a UV light and a ball collector to anyone who wants to get involved.”

You can contact Ayrshire Discount Golf Balls on Facebook.