Another two people have lost their lives to COVID-19 in Ayrshire making the death toll this week the highest since May.

Six people have now died from coronavirus in the last week as families from the west coast were warned not to travel to Blackpool on holiday.

The First Minister sought to remind people that the virus does not only kill the elderly as she announced 15 people had died across the country.

She said a 'small number' were under the age of 60.

Ms Sturgeon said: "Please do not ever think that this virus only poses a risk to the lives of the very elderly."

Ayr Advertiser: This has been the deadliest week since May.This has been the deadliest week since May.Ms Sturgeon also warned people not to travel to Blackpool after 286 Scottish cases were traced back to trips to the town.

People in Ayrshire and Arran have already been advised not to leave the area unless necessary, however previously the advice was that holiday accomodation booked for this month need not be cancelled.

The seaside town has been linked to a 'large and growing' number of cases, she said.

Ms Sturgeon warned that trips, in particular coach parties, had been linked to cases with a specific incident management team set up to deal with them.

Kirsty Licence, Chair of the Incident Management Team looking into cases associated with Blackpool, and led by Public Health Scotland said: "We know Blackpool is a popular destination, especially for holidaymakers from the west of Scotland.

"Many of these cases have travelled using group transport, especially coach, but also private transport, and many are of middle and older ages with increased risk of suffering from very severe COVID-19 illness.

“Our data shows the numbers of Scottish cases who visited Blackpool shortly before their illnesses substantially exceeds those having visited any other place in the UK.

"Over the past month, since 14th September, when Blackpool was first noted on a case there have been 286 cases in Scotland whose records note recent travel to Blackpool. "

Ayr Advertiser: This data, and figures for positive cases and numbers of tests can be seen on the Public Health Scotland portal here.