THE TARBOLTON director of lockdown thriller Detachment has told of his delight at having streaming giants Amazon Prime back on board for the second series.

Kris Scott, 24, last week shared a striking poster of the next instalment which is titled Refuge.

The poster features two new cast members, Jason Hamilton and Rebecca Wyman, with both set to play lead roles in the latest series.

Taken next to an old quarry in Stirling, the poster shows the cast members covered in blood after battling zombies – and gives a real a post-apocalyptic feel.

Kris told the Advertiser: “It’s really exciting for us to get Amazon back on board for this series.

“The poster makes it a lot more real and I realise that this is actually happening.

“You don’t think something which started as a wee fun thing to do would become so big.

“The idea of Refuge will be that you go can watch it, without watching the first. It will be a new thing, but based around the original idea.”

With the first series filmed remotely from home during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, Kris is targeting an epic production.

We told last month how zombies could invade Ayr as Kris plans to shoot in locations across Ayrshire.

Next week, the filming will kick off with the first episode promised to start “with a bang”.

In the Galloway Forest they plan to create a military check point and of course an ambush of zombies.

Kris said: “We going to head down there to film over three days. Thankfully we are good to go with filming.

“The plan is to shoot scenes in the forest near Straiton for the first episode when everyone is coming together.

“James and Rebecca will play the roles of two mechanics who are returning from work when they are stopped at a military check point.

“We are setting a military check point right in the middle of one of the forest roads. There will be zombies running around as well. We want to start this off with a bang.”

Kris hopes to bring the first episode online for 2021 where he wants to engage with the audience and critics to find out what will work for further episodes.