AN AYR mum has received an apology from the council after an “oversight” left her disabled daughter without a blue badge for parking.

Bronagh Little, 27, and husband Geordan Little have told of their relief that the council will finally accept an application originally launched back in February.

Her brave 18-month-old Elodie has been diagnosed with a host of conditions including Cerebral Palsy, which affects all her limbs, global development delay, which causes issues with her sight and she also requires a special feeding tube.

The tot had to be resuscitated at birth as she doctors struggled to find a heartbeat as her mum battled a serious infection in intensive care.

Ayr Advertiser:

This left Elodie with brain damage and since then she has been attending numerous hospital appointments in Ayrshire and Glasgow.

The Ayr Advertiser told last week how the family were knocked back for an application for the badge after an appeal backed by an Elodie’s doctor.

But just days after we went to print, South Ayrshire Council contacted the family to apologise and offer the vital help.

Bronagh told the Advertiser: “We are absolutely delighted. It is such a relief.

“We were called by a senior team leader at occupational therapy.

“We told her we sent an appeal but she said they hadn’t received it.

“But they said she is supposed to get a blue badge automatically due to her visual impairment. She told us it’s all been really unnecessary, it was their fault and she would get a blue badge sent out.”

Dad Geordan said: “We originally applied for this blue badge for Elodie back in February and the process should take 4-6 weeks.

Ayr Advertiser:

“Over 30 weeks later and thanks to everyone’s support, the council have in less

than 48 hours overturned their decision and given Elodie the blue badge that

we so truly believe she deserves.”

The family told how they had to frantically chase around hospital car parks looking for a space.

But thanks to the blue badge it will take that stress away from them.

Bronagh said: “Thanks to the Ayr Advertiser for telling Elodie’s story.

“None of this is her fault. When stuff like this happens it really hardens you up,

but I’ll continue to make sure she gets everything she needs.”

A spokesperson for the South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership told the Advertiser: “We have apologised to the family for the oversight, and we will continue to work with them, to ensure they get the support they need.”