A FATHER and son spire-repairing duo have climbed 225 feet into the air above Ayr.

Les Neil, 55, and his 19-year-old boy JJ, from Northern Steeplejacks, were brought to town from Edinburgh to survey the spire of Ayr Town Hall along with other tall buildings in South Ayrshire.

Les has been working in the niche area of the building trade for 35 years and is looking to train JJ up before he retires.

He said: “When the weather is good it’s fantastic, you see the area from an angle that nobody else does, it can pretty rewarding.

“If it gets windy it can be quite hairy.

“It was a pleasure to work on that spire. The weather was great, you can’t beat it.”

Although the town hall spire is big, Les has climbed chimneys that are three times taller - power stations are regularly 600 feet with one in Wales that Les has climbed reaching 700 feet.