AN AYR United-daft father and daughter team have helped supporters stay safe from coronavirus by selling specially designed face masks – whilst boosting the club’s finances.

Alasdair Malcolm, 55, and his daughter Karen, 17, wanted to try raise some cash for their club, who were hit

by the coronavirus pandemic.

During lockdown, they decided to try their hand at a mini business venture.

In the end, they sold over 1,000 masks emblazoned with the clubs’ crest with a tartan background and raised £3,659.64 to help out their club.

Alasdair, a retired police officer, told the Advertiser: “During lockdown the club shop was shut, and they couldn’t do anything to make up face masks.

“At the time it wasn’t mandatory, it was advisory that you had to wear one.

“I’m a member of a couple of Facebook pages including the Somerset Road End.

“The demand was definitely there.

“We sent off a design for 50 masks to a company down south to see how it would go.

“The first 50 were sold in no time then the orders went up and the demand kept going.”

Priced at £7.50, the cost included a donation to the club with some fans pledging £10.

But the lockdown venture quickly grew, with some fans from across the globe chipping in to proudly show off their team’s colours.

Alasdair added: “They certainly were well received.

“I think the whole ethos behind them really grabbed people’s attention with each sale going to the club.

“We’ve had people sending in pictures from all over the globe, we’ve had Germany, Australia and Canada.”

With coronavirus taking regular football away from Ayr till at least October, Alasdair – a die hard fan who supported the club since 1974 – is delighted to see so many fans back their club whilst following the government guidance.

He added: “Since I have been retired, I’ve volunteered at the club, and me and my daughter Karen, we go to every game home and


“It’s been a frustrating time for supporters but this was a chance to proudly wear our colours and they have certainly been noticed.

“Folk have come up to me in the shop and asked about it.

“It’s been great to do something.”

Now the club have begun to produce their own face masks, but Alasdair hasn’t ruled out revisiting his own design.

A spokesperson for Ayr United said: “Everyone at Ayr United would like to thank both Alasdair and Karen for their efforts.

“It is greatly appreciated during these tough times.