South Ayrshire neighbourhoods affected by recent coronavirus cases can be seen in a new map.

Public Health Scotland have released the statistics showing COVID-19 hotspots across the region.

Castlehill and Kincaidston is highlighted red due to a high 7-day rate per 100,000 population - rated as 100 plus, the neighbourhood reported an average of a case a day between September 26 and October 2.

Every other area in South Ayrshire reported between one and four confirmed cases in the last 7 days except for Muirhead, Coylton, Prestwick West and Carrick South.

South Ayrshire is split into 25 neighbourhoods, with 48 positive cases across the region in the week leading up to October 2.

Where a neighbourhood has fewer than five positive cases, Public Health Scotland present the group as between one and four to 'protect patient confidentiality'.

A total of four neighbourhoods did not record a single case during the seven-day period.

To see the figures where you live, click here.

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