THREE new wind vanes have been put in place on the Prestwick promenade as part of project to boost the quality of living with people living with dementia.

The two-year-long project, led by charity Dementia Friendly Prestwick, has helped make the beach front more welcoming for residents.

The three poetry wind vanes depicting the islands that can be seen from the shore: Ailsa Craig, Arran, and the Holy Isle were revealed on World Alzheimer’s Day on Monday, September 21.

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The new additions will join easy to read toilet signs, new directional signs, new noticeboards on the promenade and vibrant colourful benches with arms rests.

Chair of Dementia Friendly Prestwick, Ian Welsh OBE said: “This project is one of a range of activities undertaken by Dementia Friendly Prestwick over the last four years to make positive impacts on people living with dementia and their families or support workers.

“The current public health challenges have only reinforced the need for friendly, welcoming, accessible, and inclusive public spaces. We’re especially pleased that partnership and consultation are at the heart of this initiative.”

The wind vanes were designed by Paths for All’s artist in residence Alec Finlay.

He initially worked with the Dementia Friendly Prestwick Health Walk group making poetry walking sticks.

Dementia Friendly Prestwick have been working in partnership with the community, South Ayrshire Council, Ayrshire Roads Alliance and Paths for All to make the promenade more pleasant and engaging.

They believe the small changes can make a big impact to those living with dementia.

It has been proven that even just 10-15 minutes daily of outdoor exercise can improve the overall wellbeing of someone who living with dementia.

Kenneth Dalrymple, Service Lead Neighbourhood Services, South Ayrshire Council, sent congratulations to the team, stating: “I think Dementia Friendly Prestwick have done a tremendous job on this and I would like to congratulate them on their achievement and acknowledge their commitment to the project.”