A colourful cockatiel had to be rescued ten miles off the coast near Troon when it landed on a fisherman's boat.

The bird was a long way from land when it shocked the fisherman by taking refuge on his vessel.

Animal welfare charity Scottish SPCA were called to aid the stranded animal.

Animal rescue officer, Sheena MacTaggart, said: “This was a very unusual rescue, I’ve never been contacted about a bird finding its way so far out at sea.

“Thank goodness the boat was there so the bird found somewhere to rest."

The bird was given some food and water before being taken to the charity's Ayrshire centre.

The rescuers have named the cockatiel, a kind of parrot, HeiHei after the character from the Disney movie Moana who stows away on the protagonist's boat.

They thought the name was 'very fitting'.

Thankfully HeiHei has not been injured during his adventure out to sea, but his owner can't be traced.

Ms MacTaggart said: “HeiHei does have leg rings but we have been unable to trace his owner.

“If anyone recognises HeiHei, please contact our animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”