AYR’S tech hub have got behind the campaign to save the Station Hotel with bold plans for a laser projection onto the building itself.

Tsukure Hub have already used technology to project the message from their High Street base.

Last week they displayed ‘Save the Station Hotel’ onto the Ayr Outlook building.

Ayr Advertiser:

Now they aim to raise the cash for a stunning spectacle with the white sheets currently draped over the hotel being used as the perfect screen.

Adam Short of the Hub told the Advertiser: “We’d love to get funding from somewhere to do a laser projection onto the Hotel.

“It’s a really interesting building, there are some fantastic pictures taken by urban explorers which show the interior and potential. We could show Ayr what is behind the façade and remind how grand the hotel is.”

The pricey tech required to launch a message onto the hotel would cost up to £1,000 but Adam says it could be used for other vibrant displays across the town.

Tsukure Hub have gotten behind Esther Clark’s campaign to save the hotel after she approached them for help getting the message out there.

Adam said: “Esther came to us wanting to bring awareness to the issue. She paid for us to print stickers to put them up. We’ve got a lot of window space at the front as well.

“I had always wanted to try projection mapping where you can project images onto 2D objects to bring them to life.

“She happened to come in when I bought the new projectors for the Hub.”

It comes as the survey into the future of the hotel, as part of a feasibility study, closed

Adam added: “It grabs people’s imagination. The survey on the hotel is already closed but public opinion can still persuade decisions. “