A TROON mum has warned other parents to be careful at Fullarton Woods after a six-year-old was covered ‘head to toe’ in wasps.

Claire Callaghan, 37, and her friend Laura Macmillan, 36, had to strip the young victim of the nasty bugs as they stung him all over.

The terrifying incident took place on Tuesday, September 15 as families enjoyed some late autumn sunshine.

She told the Advertiser: “Me and my friend were sitting at the play park bench when three young boys came running from the trees at the back of the park one of them was covered head to toe in wasps.

“He was only six-years-old, and he was with his gran and auntie.

“We rushed to grab him and stripped him completely. They were everywhere, in his clothes his hair, the poor boy was stung all over.

“His brothers were hysterical having witnessed it.

“We were lucky to avoid any stings. We managed to hit them all away.”

An ambulance was called for the young boy who thankfully never suffered a serious anaphylactic shock.

Claire said: “We called an ambulance and my friends husband raced up with antihistamine from home while we waited.

“He went into the back of the ambulance for about 10 minutes, but the paramedic said he was getting him an antihistamine.”

The shocked mum added: “I’m still shook up, it has got to be one of the worst things I’ve dealt with, the wee soul.”

Claire, who has two children, has warned other parents to watch out for their kids with wasps’ nests

spotted around Fullarton Woods including near the popular Fairy Trail.

She said: “Parents need to be careful when the kids run off to play, they don’t realise they are running through trees and could disturb a nest.

“There’s quite a few nests about the woods, there was a youth group out as well at the grassy side and they said there was one there.”

The Ayr Advertiser contacted South Ayrshire Council but they had yet to reply as we went to press.