A NUMBER of strange items were stolen from a Troon garage in a bizarre break-in last week.

Gayle Agnew’s property was targeted by crooks who have left her teenage daughter without a bike.

The 48-year-old mum is desperate to retrieve the valuable bike which she bought for her daughter Sophie as a birthday present a few years ago.

Ayr Advertiser:

But she was left baffled by the selection of other also snatched.

Gayle had no idea the break-in had occurred until Sophie told her she heard someone in the garden the night before.

When she business lecturer checked her garage on Donald Crescent she was shocked to find an array of items missing.

Amongst the goods taken was a portable radiator, a picture that says ‘you matter’ on it, a grey fluffy cushion, a wicker basket with blankets in it and an electric grill.

Gayle told the Advertiser: “The garage is separate from the house. Sophie returned from school and said she heard someone in the garden last night, there were footsteps and the security light was on.

“I thought it must’ve been a fox so I went down and checked to see that the radiator had gone amongst other weird things.”

Gayle said: “It’s almost is if they were out to steal stuff they liked the look of.

“They must have thought ‘oh there’s a nice cushion’. It’s just really weird.”

The break-in in comes after a spate of thefts were reported around Troon.

Gayle added: “These other things are replaceable, but we would like to find the bike. “

Police confirmed they were in investigating.