Former world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has called out Ayr-born WWE champion Drew McIntrye on a trip he made to Edinburgh last week.

But Fury seems to have confused Ayr with Edinburgh, saying that he's in Drew McIntyre's home town looking for him.

He gets his geography all wrong again by assuming people from Edinburgh are highlanders, in the hilarious one-minute clip.

In the video Fury says: "This is a challenge video for Drew McIntyre. The Gypsy King is here in Edinburgh looking all over for you Drew. Where are you Drew?

"I've been looking all over Drew, all day and I can't see you. You're hiding Drew, hiding. Come out and fight like a proper man, like a highland man. We're here, here in your home city, and you're nowhere to be seen.

"What a pity that your people get Vince to contact Nick Khan and let's get this fight on."

Drew McIntyre responded to the video call-out by correcting Fury on his mistakes and reminding him that he's actually from Ayr.

He goes on to say that because of the pandemic he's still not able to come back to Scotland from his World Title tour, but that when he does they can talk about arranging a fight.

He also calls Fury a "big stiff idiot", suggests that he should "stop using filters you weirdo," and asks Fury if "you want me to start paying rent? It’s unfair I live in your head for free."