A UNIQUE gym has opened in Ayr for women – offering classes that might just fix a broken heart.

All Warriors has exploded onto the scene from former nightclub owner and Curves trainer Mariea Mohan, who has promised an experience that is more than a gym.

The new venue on Limekiln Road near Tam’s Brig was finally able to start up last week with a colourful pink opening ceremony.

For Mariea it marks a day in the planning for 16 years.

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She told the Advertiser: “This is more than a gym, what you get here is a friendship not a membership. We are all a family here.

“I worked for Curves, an all woman’s gym in Ayr, for 10 years. I left to become a prisoner custody officer, but I lasted one nightshift. With Madison’s out the picture now, I thought it was the perfect time to do this.

“I came up with this idea of ‘All Warriors’ because all of us woman are. We all go to the gym for a reason, a lot of times it’s through a broken heart, a break-up or it could be the loss of a loved one.”

All Warriors hope to tackle issues head on, including a class designed specifically to deal with break-ups. The class involves battle ropes, boxing slam balls and a playlist to get people moving on.

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Mariea said: “We have had huge interest in the break-up class. It’s about giving woman a place to get their frustrations out whilst together.

“It’s not the kind of gym where you come in stick your headphones in and work out yourself. We run beside you, we do what you do, your goals are our goals.”

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Mariea has built on the momentum from lockdown where All Warriors Community posted daily workout videos for people of all ages and all abilities.

And the trainer hopes the community feel of her gym will put people anxious about returning at ease.

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Mariea added: “The feedback we’ve had so far has been great. We had one woman who hadn’t seen that many people in five months so we took her aside and worked with her so she was comfortable.

“We want people to be comfortable with who they are and to find that inner warrior which is in all of us.”