AYR United chairman Lachlan Cameron says a desire to “improve the matchday experience” for fans is behind ambitious plans to develop a new hub at the club’s home.

Plans for the Somerset Hub, which will see a social club, offices and a shop installed outside the club’s stadium, were given the green light by South Ayrshire Council recently and will now move to a design stage.

Speaking to the Advertiser, United chairman Cameron said: “We are always trying to improve the matchday experience and I love Somerset as do most of our supporters and I think away supporters love coming to Somerset. But the reality is it is in constant need of care and attention and there are areas that need constant improvement.

“The idea behind the Somerset Hub is that we can create a place and environment that we can be proud of where supporters can go before and after games and benefit from more of an experience with a social club and shop.

“We will also have permanent offices for staff rather than the ramshackle ones we have just now and we will be able to store equipment to take care of the pitch.

“The hub will be the first visual when you come to the stadium and it would just be a massive improvement to the outside area of Somerset Park.

“We are doing work already within the ground, with the boardroom, kitchen and old manager’s office being upgraded.

“Supporters won’t see that improvement but it helps for all of our staff.

“We are starting renovation work on the north terrace and Somerset Road end as well.”

He added: “I think recent seasons in general have been a pretty good time to be an Ayr United supporter but this one in particular I think is a very exciting season ahead.”