A NEW seaview Bistro has opened its doors in Carrick after a former toilet block building was brought back to use.

The old disused toilet block in Maiden’s scenic harbour has now been brought back to life as a bar and bistro, by joint owners Rosemary Robertson and Peter Childe – who runs the village cafe.

Due to COVID-19 Ropes Bistro are currently running reduced menu at present introduce new items over the next few weeks and add that they are unable to take bookings at present.

Ayr Advertiser:

Peter Childe told South Ayrshire councillors last year the plan had a lot of community backing after objections from one resident before being granted permission to sell alcohol.

Rosemary Robertson told the board back in August 15, 2019 that the venue would offer Tapas, outdoor seating and be dementia friendly

She added how the building used to be a target for vandals and the new business will help regeneration.

Public toilets would also be provided at the site for the first time in years and it will be open from 11am to 11.45pm.

Music, live performances, dance facilities, televised sport and outdoor drinking were envisaged.

One objector raised concerns about noise, policing and dangers of people being intoxicated in the harbour area, with neighbour Tony Roper saying he had initially thought it would just be a cafe.

Mr Roper said: “As the nearest neighbour we are deeply concerned about how it has gone from a cafe to a pub.”

He expressed concerns about lack of parking, deliveries and raised questions about whether vehicles would park on double yellow lines. He pointed out how it could be a risk if intoxicated people wander down into the harbour.

He added: “The decision made here will be forever. It could affect the area and make it a worse place.”

Responding to concerns, Ms Robertson said the concept was always a cafe bar. She said noise will drift out across the bay in the opposite direction of the neighbouring cottages.