A STUNNING tower of thorns sits on a beach outside of Ayr in order to produce the finest sea salt directly from the coast.

You really have to see Blackthorn Salt’s tower to believe it- as the company plan to add some salt to Ayrshire’s top restaurants.

The ambitious project was started by husband and wife team Whirly Marshall, 41, and Gregorie Marshall, 44.

The couple married for 12 years launched the business in May during the coronavirus lockdown.

Ayr Advertiser:

They had planned to share the salt with some of the country’s top chefs but instead used their first batch for good – by donating to local eateries helping feed key workers and those most vulnerable.

Now they plan to invite guests to visit their remarkable site, which they claim is the world’s first salt graduation tower.

Whirly told the Advertiser: “Blackthorn Salt is a project which we have been working on for the last 15 years at the Harbour in Ayr, just off Salt Pans Road.

“It has just about come into fruition with a soft and gentle launch during lockdown.

“The first batch wasn’t for sale, with the country in such a state of alarm we put it towards COVID causes.

Ayr Advertiser:

“We had planned a pre-launched party for foodies and chefs, but we had to cancel so we thought let’s spread some fun during lockdown.”

The gourmet salt is produced by allowing the West Coast elements batter the tower taking in sea water, wind and rain. With the tower produced from douglas fir and larch from Dumfries and Galloway.

Ayr Advertiser:

The spiky structure helps accelerate the evaporation process required for sea salt production.

Whirly added: “The Tower- of thorns really has to be seen to be believed. We are really proud of both the taste and texture of Blackthorn crystals and are delighted that top chefs and hotels are already really impressed too.”