Concerns have been raised over the suitability of the new one way system for passenger traffic at Ayr Railway Station.

Stewart Duffin and his wife, who live on Smith Street directly next to the station, would usually exit directly onto Smith Street but the new diversion means they have to cross the footbridge and then walk out onto Station Road, a concern because the bridge is not wholly accessible for everyone, and a problem for 83-year-old Stewart is lugging suitcases up the stairs of the bridge.

He said: “This attempt to create a one-way system has clearly not been thought through.

“I am 82, my partner is 80, even without luggage it is difficult for us to cross this bridge.

“How can the bridge be negotiated by those in wheelchairs, elderly and disabled, travellers with heavy luggage, young mothers with buggies and children etc.”

“If a one way system is essential, I feel sure that it will not be too much of an effort for management to come up with an alternative plan that is more acceptable to customers.”

Network Rail were approached for comment but as of yet have not responded.