A PLAGUE of rats is causing misery for residents of a Girvan estate with parents too scared to let their children out to play.

Neighbours of the town’s Clyde View have been dealing with the vermin for two years and are desperate for action to be taken.

Alex Wright is worried his nine-year-old daughter could be bitten by the disease ridden animals.

He said: “We’ve had a rat problem for about two years. There’s kids all round the streets here, I don’t let my daughter out because I’m that worried about the rats – if they see something like that then they are going to go an investigate it.

Ayr Advertiser:

“One of them is about the size of a cat it’s absolutely huge.”

Alex says he has to be careful where he places his bins because the rats have been managing to get into them.

He added: “At a time there is about four you see run past. We are worried about opening the front windows too wide, we have to keep them on a latch if they can get into shut bins then they can get into your house.”

Ayrshire Housing, who own the properties, say the source of the creatures could be from the railway line next to the estate.

Jim Purvis, technical services manager said: “We have been aware of this problem for a few years.

“The issue is the street is right next to the Ayr to Girvan line. It’s Network Rail who are responsible for that.

“We can get in contact with them to set up a joint response in order to deal with it.”

South Ayrshire Council say they are also aware of the rats being reported by concerned residents.

A spokesperson for council said: “We are aware of the situation. In this instance, the social landlord will need to make a request to the Council before action can be taken.”