AN AYR family says they would have struggled to cope had it not been for a charity for supporting their autistic daughter during lockdown.

Amanda D’Amico, 42, has heaped praise on South Ayrshire Autistic Society (SASS) for their amazing help for her 12-year-old daughter Kayleigh.

The organisation have helped the family cope during the COVID-19 crisis by ensuring they had food deliveries of essentials when they were unable to get an online shopping slot.

Kayleigh was also provided with five craft boxes which brought the family together during such a difficult time.

Amanda said: “I am working from home and my husband goes out to work and I don’t know how we would have coped without SASS.

“As well as food deliveries of basic rations when we couldn’t get online shopping slots, we have had five deliveries of craft boxes which have really helped Kayleigh’s routine and helped us to come together as a family.”

Kayleigh has been kept engaged with online sessions which she does every day.

Amanda has praised SASS for being an extended family, as they set Kayleigh up with her best friend, who is also called Kayleigh.

She added: “The thought and dedication of everyone at SASS to produce those daily sessions without fail has been amazing.

“SASS has given us so much like an extended family and that’s where Kayleigh met her best friend, also called Kayleigh – they do all their crafts and activities together.

“SASS has always been there for us as a family but for us, and other families, they have just gone above and beyond.

“I just don’t think they realise how much they are doing to help us and without their support I just don’t know what I would do.”

The charities members such as Celine Stobbs and Conall Green have been out ensuring families are well supported throughout the crisis.

It comes as the charity receive a welcome boost of £9,196 from The National Lottery Community Fund which will support 135 families across South Ayrshire during the COVID-19


Activity Co-ordinator, Conall, said: “The award has made a huge difference to how we operate.”