A D-DAY war hero celebrated his 100th birthday last week with a special day organised by his care home.

Harry Gamper supported fleets of ships as an RAF pilot as Britain launched one of the largest military operations on June 6 1944.

He reached his milestone as resident of Malin Court care home in Maidens on Monday, July 20

Harry told the Advertiser: “I never thought I would be 100, but here I am. I have had a good life, an interesting life.

“I feel fortunate I have been able to go places and meet people all over the world. I am a great great grandfather. My birthday was a marvellous day, I could not have hoped for better.”

The event attracted the TV cameras as Harry was given a party fit for a hero.

Ayr Advertiser:

As well as receiving a telegram from the Queen, Harry was also entertained by a piper, and a unique cake from confectionary giant Tunnock’s.

Carina McLauchlan general manager of Malin Court told the Advertiser: “We organised the birthday a month ago. He’s such a gentleman, he was in great form.

“We had a piper and a drummer, followed by two members from the RAFA Ayr and Prestwick who marched down the drive in front of the window.

“A large cake was presented courtesy of Sir Boyd Tunnock,who is the chairman of Malin Court.

Ayr Advertiser:

“We arranged a video link for him to speak to family in Canada and he was able to share the moment with family in Switzerland.”

Harry added: “There was a piper, a cake, and what a cake, huge. I’ve had four pieces already. Sir Boyd Tunnock made it for me and my letter from the Queen. I wish my wife was here to see all of this.”

When asked what the secret was to a long life, Harry said: “All things in moderation ... including sex.”