A MUCH-LOVED Prestwick dog has received life saving surgery thanks to £4,500 being raised in just 24 hours to help him walk again.

The little Daschund, known as the town’s unofficial mascot, is now back home after a stay in a veterinary hospital in Stirling.

Delighted owner Tricia Young was able to pick him up last week, as he begins recovery from the major op which left 13 staples in his back.

Ayr Advertiser:

Tricia told the Advertiser: “It’s great to have him back. He was so excited to see me.

“He was meant to go for the MRI the first day they had him in, but the machine broke down, so they had to keep him in anyway because of the anaesthetic

“The next day he had the scan and then they just operated straight away.

“It was a big operation – all his discs were badly damaged.

“He’s got 13 staples along his back. We got him out on the Monday. He’s to rest up and then go to Dalblair Vets to get the staples out in 7-10 days, so he’s on complete house rest for the next few weeks.”

“After that he’s allowed to toddle about a wee bit. I’ll take him out in the front garden.”

Peanut, who is well known in the town as the face of Tricia’s upbeat Facebook page Positive Prestwick, was left unable to walk last month due to Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) which had caused a disc replacement on his back.

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As he is a fourth time rescue, Tricia was unable to get her pet insured, which would leave her facing a costly bill for the procedure.

Tricia, 55, has told how she was so desperate to get help for Peanut she even contemplated selling her car after vets told her the surgery would be life-saving.

But her SOS call to raise the funds needed for procedure was answered as the Go Fund Me page up smashed the target, with local businesses pledging hundreds to help the Daschund.

Ayr Advertiser:

Tricia added: “It has been unbelievable. I am still speechless by the generosity shown.

“Every day I have been putting updates on the page to tell everyone how he is doing. There have been so many messages of support from people checking up on him.

“They are all invested in him emotionally. I posted a video when I picked him up and they loved seeing his wee tail wag when he saw me.

“Vinnie at the Red Lion donated £500. I was gob smacked by that, it’s brilliant.

“I have been in part of Prestwick for 40 years. One woman donated money to buy him a pram and remembered me from back in my younger wilder days. She said, ‘I’m giving you this because underneath it all I knew you were a good one.’

“There has just been so much kindness shown to me and Peanut.”