Staff have been left waiting for weeks without answers to find out if they will have a job to return to at Turnberry.

Workers at Donald Trump’s luxury Ayrshire resort have been left in limbo since June 18 when they were told redundancies would be made.

A staff member, who has worked at the resort for more than eight years, told the Advertiser: “It’s caused a lot of worry.

Ayr Advertiser:

“To be told we might be getting redundancy, then leaving you weeks on end with all the time to think about.”

The hotel worker spotted big advertisements in the local papers for the resort and the announcement of proposals to develop as many as 225 properties, as well as leisure facilities and shops, on an expanse of farmland adjacent to Turnberry’s Ailsa course.

They added: “I saw the spread in the paper all sunshine and roses and I thought, it’s not sunshine and roses for me.

“That came out of nowhere. Honestly, I was p***ed off. During the middle of redundancy plans you go and announce plans to rip up the countryside to build multi-million pound mansions.

“You’re telling us you’re kicking us out, but you’ve got money to renovate the hotel, and the whole countryside next to you.”

The business took advantage of Government funding to put staff on furlough, but now as changes to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme are due to take place, 66 members of the resort’s 305 staff members face losing their jobs.

According to an email shared with the Advertiser, the Trump Organisation is seeking to reduce overheads to make up for plummeting revenue due to COVID-19 and dismal future projections considering worldwide travel restrictions.

None of the staff currently know if they will be chosen, however a source told the Advertiser that the entire switchboard team are expected to lose their jobs.

Those who are being made redundant are expected to be told on August 17.

Staff were told in an email to expect only the statutory minimum, which also means nothing for those of less than two years service.

An email to staff said that the organisations HR department and Trump Head Quarters were analysing the impact of the VAT reduction for hospitality and £1,000 employee retention bonus being offered.

A staff member told the Advertiser that the anxiety of not knowing has caused some workers to have mental breakdowns.

The proposed list of those facing job losses includes 25 manual workers, 12 clerical staff, eight professionals, 12 managers, and six technical jobs.

Ayr Advertiser:

A member of staff said workers only found out the hotel was reopening on July 15 because they were able to book a room for that date on the website.

They told the Advertiser: “It’s funny. You look at other businesses and they have something to say they’re closing.

“On Facebook or Twitter, there’s not a single hint that something is wrong.

“I went on to the website, and booked a room, quite the thing. And not a single thing to say we might have to cancel, by the way.”

The hotel’s general manager recently boasted in an interview of booking numbers at the resort earlier this month.

The Trump Organisation was asked for comment but did not respond in time for publication.

Trump acquired the Turnberry hotel and its three golf courses for $60m in 2014. He resigned his directorship in 2017 after entering the White House as US president, handing over the reins to his sons, Eric and Donald Jr.