The DAUGHTER of a well-known former Pavilion DJ is seeking information on her dad’s World Record achievement following his sudden death last week.

Gillian Steiner is the daughter of Karl Steiner, an Ayr man who DJ’d at the Pavilion in the late 1960s.

Karl broke the World Record in 1967 for playing records continuously for a whopping 132 hours, and even changed his name from Arthur Bennett to Karl Steiner following his success.

Karl sadly passed away on June 7 at the age of 75, but now his family are looking to speak to anyone who can share pictures or stories about the event, or anyone who could help them search for the World Record itself.

Gillian said: “As children growing up we were often told of the Pavilion and how it was a huge part of my mum and dad’s younger life. They used to tell us of the Rollerama roller skating disco – little did we know my dad made part of that era’s history.

“We always thought we had an unusual surname, Steiner. Growing up people used to ask why and it was our delight to tell them that it was because our dad broke a World Record.

“It seems my dad was highly regarded around Ayr and a big part of Ayr’s youth scene in the 60s. We were attempting to find information about his World Record but given the history of the Pavilion it’s proving to be tricky.”

Gillian’s only memento of her dad’s record-playing past was a photo of him DJ’ing, which sadly got lost. The family believe the record Karl beat was one set by a German man, but finding out more hasn’t been easy as the Pavilion has changed name and staff many times over the years.

Gillian said: “Sadly we don’t know very much about how it came about – where the certificate may be, if there was a record kept within the Pavilion. We are hoping to use it to commemorate my dad and provide a bit of history for the Pavilion and of course find out about people’s memories and thoughts of that night.

“He passed at 75 of a brain tumour. We didn’t know he had it. It was 19 days from diagnosis till death. His funeral is on Tuesday and as a tribute we are having his hearse leave from the Pavilion around 12.30.”

Anyone with information should contact Gillian at


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