An AYR woman has been single-handedly delivering mental health support packs to individuals and families across Ayrshire struggling during lockdown.

Caitlyn Nutt, 21, is the owner of Minds Over Matter (MoM) which was set up last year providing a free mental health service to those in Ayr and Cumnock.

MoM normally provides drop-in sessions but with the service halted due to coronavirus, Caitlyn decided to make up MoM distraction bags to help people through this time.

Caitlyn travelled from Maybole to Irvine to deliver the first batch of donation bags this week, which include colouring books, chocolates and fidget spinners.

Caitlyn said: “There’s usually five of us at the drop-ins but during the pandemic it’s just been me, with my mum helping to make the bags up and deliver them.

“I had been thinking of other ways we could help as our drop-ins are closed. We had 106 requests but couldn’t do any further bags with the budget I had set for our funds.

“This was 77 adults, 19 kids and 10 families.

“Struggling with my own mental health helps me to think of ways to help others by what helps me.

“Art is a therapy and having things like fidget toys to keep your hands busy distracts the mind.

“I’ve had lots of messages during lockdown of people struggling so helping them with some bags was lovely.”

Caitlyn has already received great feedback from those who have benefitted from the donation bags.

Caitlyn said: “I’ve had lots of messages and nice reviews left on the page. Seeing some of the reactions when we dropped the bags off was lovely as people really needed a pick me up.”

If you would like a donation pack, visit Minds Over Matter Facebook page.

If you are struggling, contact Samaritans on 116 123


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