A FARMING family in Coylton have decided to stop permitting fishing at a loch on their land citing the irresponsible behaviour of a few.

The Hutton family has a small fishing loch, but because of the problems during lockdown have taken the decision to withdraw fishing rights.

It comes as the National Farming Union tells of problems facing landowners as lockdown measures are eased.

They are concerned by the leaving of litter and dog waste, dogs off the lead in fields containing livestock, gates not being left as found, groups holding picnics, barbecues and parties, as well as arson, vandalism, and the destruction of posters.

Alistair Hutton of Loch Fergus Farm in Coylton said: “We have recently come to the decision that fishing will no longer be permitted at Loch Fergus, due to the persistent littering and damage to fences.

“We are aware that the vast majority treat the surroundings with respect, but we cannot tolerate this anymore.

“We put up new signs asking people to act responsibly but the fact that these signs have replaced ones that have been stolen tells you all you need to know about some of the irresponsible people who had been accessing Loch Fergus to fish.”

On the bad behaviour of the few, NFU Scotland vice president Charlie Adam said: “Farming operations and the production of food have continued throughout the crisis, giving people the opportunity to see the working countryside in action and learn a bit more about where their food and drink comes from.

“However, the work and effort that many of our members have put in this spring to keep plates and glasses full has been spoiled by the poor behaviour of a minority.”


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