First and second years from Marr College in Troon were crowned the first-ever winners of the History Challenge in June 2017.

Groups of budding archaeologists and historians took up the challenge which saw them spending weeks delving into the history of their school.

The young people used a range of techniques to uncover the facts which included pouring over old yearbooks, archives, newspapers and even interviewing parents and grandparents.

The teams then headed to Belmont Academy to present their findings to a panel of judges.

There were many interesting facts revealed during the presentations such as the ‘Hanging Tree’ at Girvan Academy, which is believed to be the same tree used to hang the daughter of legendary cannibal Sawney Bean.

Ayr Academy brought along Oscar, their stuffed otter, said to be around 300 years old.

The otter has been known to go walkabout from time to time.

Marr impressed the judges with the depth of information they had uncovered, along with their presentation skills.

The winning team were Terri-Mae Campbell, Emily Morrison, Morven Atkinson, Aefa Abbot and Kathryn Stewart, all 12, and Rosie Rossi, 13.