A SHIELDING pensioner who helped get Walking Football started in Girvan says the loss of the sport is a huge miss.

Campbell Frame, 74, has been self-isolating under lockdown measures to protect himself against coronavirus.

The keen walking footballer got involved in the sport after living suffering a brain tumour.

Campbell used the sport to transform his fitness, losing two stone and reducing the need for medication to manage his diabetes.

He said: “I really have to feel for a lot of the guys who were playing.

“A lot of us are having to shield from this virus, which you can understand but they are missing the social aspect of what walking football brought to us all.

“ Being involved with the team helped so many of us.

“It gets you away from the house, not to mention how good it is for your mental health.

This year the Girvan Walking Football team was praised by the game’s chief Gary McLaughlin, who delivered a special UEFA ball to the team.

Campbell had envisioned a really promising year ahead to develop the game.

He was invited to promote the sport through a BBC Scotland magazine show A View From The Terrace but the coverage was cancelled due to coronavirus fears. He also had an event planned with brain injury charity Headway.

He told the Advertiser: “It’s a real shame that we can’t get out to play. We were really just starting to get the message out there about the sport, more people were getting involved with it.

“Before all this happened with coronavirus I was doing some work with Headway to encourage others to take part.”

Campbell has tried to stay in contact with some players on Facebook but hopes to hear from other players soon.

He added: “We try and keep in touch. I hope everyone is keeping safe and well.”


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