LOTTO chiefs are refusing to pay out £58million to a mystery resident who claimed a EuroMillions jackpot.

The ticket-holder from South Ayrshire has been left in limbo a month after Camelot announced the winner had come forward.

The jackpot was claimed a month ago but hasn't been paid out yet.

The life-changing prize is still listed as “unclaimed” on the National Lottery website.

And officials would only say the claim was still going through their “validation” process.

A source told the Scottish Sun: “Paying out can be done in hours but we’re a month down the line and all that cash is still sitting with Camelot.

“There’s clearly been a hold-up. The process is tightly controlled to ensure the right person is paid — it’s forensic.

"Until they are 100 per cent sure, it remains officially unclaimed. This person could be richer than Harry Styles — but they can’t get their hands on their money. It’s bizarre."

An appeal went out last month for the winner of the £57,869,670 jackpot in the March 17 draw to come forward.

Lottery chiefs said the ticket was bought in South Ayrshire.

And on April 17 they said someone had claimed the sum.

Coincidentally, on the same day, Ryan Hoyle, 38, from Rochdale, Lancs, scooped £58million.

His claim was verified and he went public over the windfall within five days.

Camelot said: “As with all major prizes the claim will now go through the process of validation. Subject to validation, the prize will then be paid at an appointment with one of Camelot’s Winners’ Advisers.”