A man was taken to hospital after two cyclists crashed into each other near Troon.

A man was cycling on theAyrshire Coast Cycleway route towards Prestwick, when a female cyclist was approaching from the opposite direction round 12.40pm on Wednesday, May 13.

As both cyclists neared one another, they recognised the need to change direction, however, in an attempt to avoid one another, they actually turned the same way and collided with one another.

The male cyclist was taken to hospital where he is undergoing treatment for his injury.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Both cyclists came off their bikes and the male cyclist injured his wrist. The lady did not appear to be injured and got back on her bike and cycled off. However, officers are keen to ensure she did not sustain an injury in the incident and are appealing for her to contact them."

Anyone with any information or knowledge of the incident it asked to call Road Policing Officers at Irvine Police Station via 101.