Keyworkers on the frontline in the fight against Coronavirus will be able to get free bicycle repairs, loans and equipment thanks to a project launched by Cycling UK.

Biosphere Bikes, a community bike hub in Girvan, is participating in the scheme and offering 10 bikes on loan to key workers in the area.

The Big Bike Revival for Keyworkers scheme will be run through a series of independent bike shops, recycling centres and mechanics workshops across Scotland, and is funded by Transport Scotland.

Ann Berry, founder and director of Biosphere Bikes, said: “The grant has given the project the capacity to be able to offer 10 bikes for use by key workers.

“It means that the project can actually do what it is set up for and that is helping people and encouraging them to ‘get on their bike’ and recognise those key workers that are keeping our country running and looking after all of us."

“Cycling UK has supported this project from the very start through Jeff Frew, the cycling development officer, and this grant support shows continuation of that support.”

Cycling UK has so far provided grants of up to £2,000 to 62 cycle shops, recycling centres and bike mechanics enabling them to provide a helping hand to ensure that key workers can cycle for work and daily exercise.

Jeff Frew, Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival Officer for South West Scotland, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with Biosphere Bikes to provide such an important service for key workers on the frontline.

“Independent bike shops, recycling centres and mechanics workshops are at the heart of communities across Scotland.

“Running the scheme through these organisations is the perfect way to help vital workers access free bike repairs, loans, and equipment, thanks to the Big Bike Revival.”


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