Over 250 NHS staff in Ayrshire have tested positive for coronavirus.

As of April 26, 252 NHS Ayrshire and Arran workers have been confirmed to have contracted the virus in addition to 15 members of the healthcare staff's households, since March 22

Dr Crawford McGuffie, Medical Director, said: "Since we began our in-house laboratory analysis on 22 March 2020, we have carried out 1,067 tests for coronavirus (COVID-19) on members of our staff. In addition to this, 219 tests have been carried out on family members/ household contacts of members of staff. 252 staff members and 15 household contacts have tested positive for coronavirus.

"Our proactive policy means we have tested a higher proportion of staff, their household contacts or family members. This is so that staff can be excluded from work, or able to safely return to work as soon as possible depending on the result of their test.