A GIRVAN whisky distillery will help produce hand sanitiser in a bid to tackle coronavirus.

William Grant & Sons, which also distills gin brand Hendrick’s, will help produce 5 million litres of powerful ethanol that can be used to make disinfectant liquid.

The ethanol will be distributed to several hand sanitiser producers.

Workers at the plant have ensured they keep to social distancing measures during production as advised by UK Government guidelines and the Scottish Whisky Association.

Simon Hunt, chief executive at William Grant & Sons, said: “Through this initiative, we can divert our technology and the skills of our people to contribute to the essential work of protecting people around the world from the impact of coronavirus. Our proud teams are determined to do what they can to help at our distilleries.”

The ethanol produced will conform to World Health Organization standards and will also be made at the company’s Tullamore distillery in Ireland.

It comes after William Grant & Sons were forced to close all of its visitor centres.

The firm join a list of distillers across Scotland who have joined the effort against the coronavirus pandemic.