AN AYR dad stricken with an aggressive form of cancer fears he could become a victim of coronavirus without even catching it.

Kevin Williamson has been left with in an impossible situation after his third round of chemotherapy for the stage four cancer had to be cancelled with doctors worried, he will catch the potentially deadly COVID-19.

The 48-year-old dad of three, was told his chance of surviving the virus would be 20 per cent.

As a result Kevin’s next round of treatment was stopped and all he can do is manage his pain at home.

Kevin, who had his own business, was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus after suffering from chest pains at work.

After getting a second opinion, doctors found that he had stage four cancer, that had spread to his lung and liver.

Kevin was given just a year to live with treatment but battled on to overcome rounds of chemotherapy and against all odds has lived for 18 months.

Now as the coronavirus spread, Kevin has been forced to take a gamble that the non-treated cancer won’t ‘run riot’ over 12 weeks.

He told the Advertiser: “I feel like I’m already a victim of the virus. It’s going to either kill me if I catch it, or it gets me because my chemotherapy has stopped.

“Even if I got full treatment, my survival rate is 20 per cent with coronavirus, if they chose to give me that.”

“My oncologist phoned me to tell me I was too high risk. He sounded very nervous. I have been left with the choice, do I just let the cancer run riot, or does the virus get me. It’s an impossible situation.

“I’ve had to just lock myself in the house and hope that I don’t catch it.”

Kevin posted a message on his Facebook to warn others how serious coronavirus was after he noticed people were refusing to follow social distancing guidelines.

Kevin is now being looked after by wife Victoria as he stays at home with the support of his young family, daughters Gabby, 19 and Poppy, eight and son Finlay, 17.

He is now unable to access clinical trials in London, with the UK capital overwhelmed with cases of coronavirus.

He said: “People aren’t normally still alive at this stage. I’m in unchartered waters, for me to have this in my 40s. All the statistics are based on people in their 60s and beyond.

“I can’t get access to clinical trials. All your options are shut down. I’ve got to just hang on my by finger nails.”

“I’ve got so much to live for, so many goals and milestones. It’s me and my wife’s 25th wedding anniversary in September, and I turn 50 next year. I just hope this can all be over soon.”