SOUTH Ayrshire Council have suspended all registration services as coronavirus lockdown guidance takes effect. 

Births, deaths and marraiges can no longer be regisetered at the public office. 

The move came into affected as of Monday, March 23. 

It means that all birth registrations will be suspended until further notice after insturction from National Records of Scotland (NRS). 

Face to face death registrations have been suspended and legislation is going through the House of Commons to allow death registrations to be completed remotely.

Residents who need to register a death and have collected the Medical Certificate Cause of Death (Form 11) from the hospital or doctor, have been advised to contact council officers for advice. 

All marriages and civil partnerships will be also suspended. 

The council have advised that no Marriage Notice Forms (M10) and no marriage schedules will be issued.

Couples due to be married in the coming weeks will only be able to do so when it is safe to lift restriction on the issue of schedules.

NRS will take advice on when that may be, so residents should keep checking their website for updates.

Replacement Certificates: Certificates can still be ordered and paid for by telephone, and all certificates will be posted, without exception, until further notice.

For orders, please call 01292 617617.