A KIND landlady has made her Prestwick flat available for heroic NHS staff battling coronavirus on the frontline. 

Kay Morgan is determined to help health workers who have done so much for her and her family. 

Ayr Advertiser:

Her two-bedroom spacious flat in the town centre is available for any workers who want to isolate from family when facing patients with COVID-19. 

The flat, is normally listed on Airbnb for tourists, golfers or visitors to the town, but now Kay has left it waiting and ready to give something back to the NHS.  

Ayr Advertiser: The spacious flat is available to NHS staff. The spacious flat is available to NHS staff.

Kay decided to offer her flat as a way of saying thanks to amazing hospital staff who are currently looking after her dad, who is being treated for renal failure in Crosshouse. 

And she is all too aware that Ayrshire medics at Crosshouse are preparing for more patients of the potentially lethal coronavirus.

Kay told the Advertiser: “We’ve had the flat for years and years. All our bookings are cancelled so it would be sitting empty.  I wanted to see if I could help in some way, what a waste if it is just sitting there empty. Maybe someone could use it.”

Ayr Advertiser: Kay wants to give something back to the NHS who are caring for her dad. Kay wants to give something back to the NHS who are caring for her dad.

“I know what it's like being in the hospital. I just feel so dirty coming back all the time from visiting my dad there. Imagine you had a new born baby or your own parents to look after. There’s a lot of young nurses and doctors who might not want to go back and infect their own family.

"They could use the flat with their colleagues to get some rest in between shifts.”

Kay hopes more Airbnb owners may follow suit, as there could be hundreds of properties lying empty that could be put to good use.

She said: “There’s loads of Airbnbs in the same position, so hopefully owners will see what I am doing and we can get people to think about doing the same."

Ayr Advertiser:

Kay has taken the difficult decision to not visit her sick dad as much, to protect him from coronavirus as his condition puts him at a high-risk. 

She added: “Some good has to come from all the bad that is happening right now.
“He’s a real risk. Its breaking my heart. Doing this with the flat is taking my mind off it as well. I can’t wait to phone him up and tell him what I am doing with the flat.”

The wonderful NHS workers mean so much to Kay and her family, after she received treatment for breast cancer seven years ago. 

She added: “We’ve all had more than enough from the NHS so it’s time we give someone back.”