People aged 70 and over are among those most at risk of contracting a severe form of coronavirus and South Ayrshire has a high percentage of people in that age bracket, compared to the rest of Scotland.

Some over-70s will be within the estimated 1.5 million extremely vulnerable people who have been asked to stay at home and avoid all face-to-face contact for at least 12 weeks.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published a list showing the proportion of the population aged 70 and over in all parts of the UK, with South Ayrshire included in the top 50 local authorities. 

It shows that there are 17 local authority areas where at least one in five of the population is likely to be 70 or over.

South Ayrshire has 18 per cent of residents who are aged 70 or over, just behind Dumfries and Galloway and the Western Isles on 18.2 per cent.

These are the only Scottish areas on the UK list. 

All residents are asked to remain indoors for the forseeable future and are only to go outside if necessary for essential food items or medicine. 

Local authorities and volunteer organisations are working hard to ensure that deliveries of care packages can be done without the vulnerable having to leave their homes. 

For more advice, visit the Scottish Government's website here.