A YOUNG piper entertained residents outside their homes and care homes on Mother's Day. 

Nicholas Redford, from Troon visited spots across the town to life spirits for residents locked in their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A heart-warming video shows one elderly woman smiling as she stands in her garden to listen to the talented piper. 

The 17-year-old, is part of the Boys Brigade Pipe Band in the town. 

He also visisted Belhaven Care Home to the delight of staff and residents, who opened windows of the home to hear the music. 

Proud mum Joanne told the Advertiser: "It was lovely he piped for two care homes and ten individual ladies in Troon, Loans and Dundonald, outside and keeping a social distance. 

"It was so moving to see as the ladies were so happy. In turn it made me happy. 

"It was such a different way to spend Mother's Day, but it was very special nonetheless."

Joanne has set up a Troon, Loans and Dundonald Support Group on Facebook and has been out in the community helping residents who are self-isolating. 

She added: "Nicholas has said he's really enjoying helping on the page and is in awe of the people of Troon coming together in this crisis.

"The page is covering a whole variety of requests and needs, but everyone chips in and gives good advice and support."