AYR’S very own clean up crew has been blasting ‘high risk’ areas with special disinfectant to kill off the coronavirus.

The team at Flamingo Exterior cleaning have been voluntarily tackling spaces used by the public, outside care homes and homes for vulnerable people to rid them of the potentially lethal bug.

Robin Barclay, who runs the business, says his team are well equipped to keep Ayr clean and sanitised.

And deep cleaners have targeting areas of the community they believe need it the most.

Last week they spent time at hot spots across the town, spraying areas at the Sandgate, the Riverside and the Vennel.

Robin told the Advertiser: “In general we take care of all manner of exterior cleaning. That includes anything

like jet washing, window cleaning, monoblocs and roofs.

“We stock the chemicals required that will kill the coronavirus. We want to stop the spread where possible.

“We are trying our best to target areas that face a high level of human interaction, doors, public bins and handrailing.

“We touch these things much more often than we probably imagine.”

The company has seen a spike in the amount of residents who would like their wheelie bins given a deep clean.

While residents see a major shortage in hand sanitiser and hand wash, Robin says his team are fully stocked of the powerful chemical to destroy the virus.

He said: “We have a large stock of the actual chemicals . The chances of that running out are slim, with regards to spraying chemicals on inanimate surfaces.”

Robin has set out three exterior cleaning units/ teams to work for free in vulnerable areas.

The team can cover thousands of square meters quickly and efficiently.

Since reaching out to the community, the clean squad have been helping care homes across South Ayrshire, and have been contacted by Hansel Village, a charity for adults with disabilities and additional needs.

Robin added: “This is strictly non-profit.

“It’s about humanity and our duty of care to our community and to help others where possible.”