A GENEROUS Troon community store are offering a vital lifeline to old folk in Troon during the coronavirus crisis.

The New Harbour Shop are delivering vital supplies free to the elderly and infirm across the community during the coronavirus crisis.

Shop staff have been hugely grateful for support from the community since taking the business two years ago and say it’s their turn to give something back.

Manager Danielle Murray, who runs the shop with her aunt, Anne Murray said “When they started talking about over 70s being quarantined that’s when we decided we were going to do something. We’ve had people offering to  help with deliveries.

“It’s our duty to help - I have an elderly grandfather.

“A lot of people who come in here are on their own and we might be the only people they see. It’s important to keep contact with them.

“They can either come to the door with the money or leave it in the step.

"Everyone needs to do their part but if we can do what we can we are more than happy.
“Here’s hoping it all quietens down really quickly and it’s not going to be months on end these people are kept in their houses.

“We will just have to stay safe and be sensible. There’s a big sense of community here in Troon and hopefully there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”