TROON’s biggest summer community event has been axed owing to coronavirus fears - in what was its landmark 75th year.

The Glasgow Taxi Outing Fund taxis trip to Troon - which each year sees some 500 special needs children taken to the seaside for a dream day out - has been shelved until next year.

Troon Community Council host the children when they arrive here and shops give them a great welcome.

Community Council chairwoman Helen Duff got the confirmation today that the plug had been pulled on the event, scheduled for June 17.

She said: “It’s really devastating that the taxi trip is off as it’s such a big event. I had a band booked to play called Only The Brave.

“But I understand health is the top priority and you can’t take any chances.

"There is also the problem of gatherings of more than 500 people and the kids make up 500 alone.

“Also the children are all now off school indefinitely and it would be difficult to get them together.
“We talked about having it later in the year but that wouldn’t work so we will have to wait until 2021.”

Pub owner Connie Girvan who runs the auction for the event is equally disappointed.

She said: “It’s a sad news about the taxi trip and it’s been a tough time as my dad died recently.

“We can’t take any chances with the coronavirus.

"Some of the kids coming down are unwell and we couldn’t have them mixing with so many others. 

“But we can plan ahead and look forward to celebrating the 75th next year."

A Glasgow Taxi Outing Fund spokesman said: “The Glasgow Taxi Outing Fund charity today announce that the planned 75th annual children’s trip to Troon scheduled for Wednesday, June 17 has been cancelled.

"The extraordinary circumstances and challenges we face today and in the months ahead mean this was the only possible decision we could reach at this time. 

"The trip has always been about the children and their health and well-being was foremost in our minds in reaching this decision.”