South Ayrshire Foodbank has received a very welcome donation from one generous individual.

The charity, which provides food for those in need and relies on donations from the public was gifted more than 11 boxes of food from an unnamed man.

The charity was extremely grateful for the donation, saying: “Thanks to the lovely and very kind gentleman who donated this food to the food bank today. What a smashing gesture, thank you so much.”

The boxes were full of cereal and milk as well as an entire box full of Easter eggs.

The South Ayrshire Foodbank have 26 drop-off points across the region for anybody wanting to donate any spare food they may have.

Last year they took in 66,321kg of donated food and that was still not enough.

They had to raise funds to buy another 4,500kg, a 35 per cent increase on the year before and represents 6,460 people fed in South Ayrshire, 4,696 of those are adults and 1,767 are children.